About me

profileHi there! My name is Brinn. This is the page wherein I get to tell you all about myself in a nice short paragraph that you can read in approximately three minutes. Unfortunately, that isn’t who I am. I tend to be pretty verbose (and opinionated), so asking me to write “a short paragraph” is agonizingly difficult, if not down-right impossible. Hopefully you’ll stick around and get to know me a little better through the posts that show up on the site, but if you absolutely must have the “tagline” version of me, here it is:

Wife. Mother. Architect. Writer. Christian. Two-scoops kind of girl. Introvert. Creative.

Have I piqued your interest? Let me elaborate a bit. I’m optimistic that one day I won’t be so pessimistic. I have a need to challenge the status quo and say what’s on my mind when I see that there is disparity between what God has designed for us and what exists in reality. I have an extra big heart for empathy and passion, and I tend to go from zero to sixty in defense of the defenseless in about two seconds flat. I used to be what some would call ‘hot tempered’ but over the years I’ve reigned in those emotions and channeled them into more productive outlets. Outlets like this one, where I can focus on what I want to say about hard issues. I started a blog many years ago about architecture and design, but I’ve always wanted to talk about more than that. I want to talk about ideas, faith, life.

I think the Church today needs to do more about discussing ideas that challenge us. We need to wrestle with them more. My goal in creating this site is to give a voice and provide a forum for civil discussion on these hard issues. Of course, I’ll throw in some day-to-day articles about the challenges of being a mother, or how my faith influences this crazy thing called life. However, my goal is that through my writing I can be transparent, honest, present a challenge to myself and others to see beyond self.

What happens if we take the opposing viewpoint? What if we walk in another’s shoes and really try to understand, empathize and connect with people? Really connect. What if we talk to others with different opinions as if they’re human beings and not an argument to be won? There is too much division in this world, and I don’t want to contribute to it. I want to help heal it. That’s what our great Healer came to do. He shook things up – absolutely – but he did it in love and in the context of relationship.

That’s why its so hard to summarize who I am in a few words or sentences. It leaves out all of the in-between pieces that make each of us who we are: relationships. You have to take time to get to know someone, to learn about their pasts, hopes for the future and their ambitions and dreams. Distilling them into sound bytes, summaries or taglines removes the relational aspect we need to understand one another. Maybe you don’t have someone who knows you intimately because you can’t seem to agree on anything. Maybe you don’t feel close to others because you’re afraid of what they will say if they really knew you. This place is for you.

I challenge you to get to know me. Get to know yourself. Take a close look at your beliefs. Ask others about theirs and listen. Really listen! What makes them who they are? Live in relationship with those around you. You just might discover a new friend, or even a new you. This is where we will find healing. Look for it. Foster it. If it is intimidating, start here on this site and leave a comment. Test out your voice, and know that you are allowed to have an opinion, a conviction, and a belief that may not always align with everyone else’s. If we never talk about them, we cannot grow. If we stifle growth, we aren’t really living.

Life is about growth. It’s more than a snapshot in time, a mistake we made, a victory we won. I know I’m more than that. I’m Simply Brinn: more than a tagline.